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Welcome to Okanagan Grown Produce Ltd.

Okanagan Grown Produce Ltd formerly Interior Vegetable Marketing Agency (IVMA), has been operating since May 1935, and has been marketing fresh BC grown fruits and vegetables for more than 70 years. Originally incorporated as a Marketing Board and Agency, the organization was established to "act as brokers in the buying and selling of vegetables... and to carry on the business of importer, exporter, buyer, seller, handler and trader of fruits, vegetables, farm, and garden produce."

As laid out in the BC Marketing Scheme & Act of 1934, a local Board was elected, and all growers were required to register with the Board. Once registered with the Board, growers could then sell their crops to the general market, through the Marketing Agency.

BC grown fruits and vegetables were shipped by train and boat to locations all across Canada, through out the USA and as far away as Palestine, Manila and Hong Kong.

The purpose of the Marketing Agency was to offer the freshest, best quality produce to buyers, and to maximize grower returns. From 1935 to 1940, the offices of the Board and Agency were located in Armstrong. In 1941, we were re-located to Kelowna, where we remained until 1970, when the offices were centralized in Vernon.

Today our company continues its work from the Vernon office and warehouse, marketing local Field Crops, Fruit Crops, Greenhouse Crops, and Storage Crops.